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LogBox hydroP
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LogBox hydroP

Mobile precision barometer
with integrated data logger,
high resolution (0.01 hPa)

The LogBox hydroP is a complete autonomous measurement system, consisting of a high precision barometer with integrated power supply, data logger, internal air pressure sensor and an additional sensor cable with sensors for water pressure and water temperature. It combines the high accuracy of a laboratory instrument with the robustness of a field measurement device. Though the hydraulic pressure in a water column is related to its height, the main application of LogBox hydroP is to measure the water level in boreholes.

A weatherproof casing protects the instrument from rain, dirt and dust (protection IP65). Disturbing influences on the measurement device, like temperature changes between day and night, air pressure changes or decreasing battery voltage, are compensated reliably. Thus, the LogBox hydroP always provides you with precise measurement results even under difficult measuring conditions.

The sensor cable, which may have a maximum length of 100 m, is always customized to perfectly meet your specific requirements. All pressure and temperature sensors are calibrated individually. We offer two different pressure sensor types:

a) maximum resolution:
      resolution:         0.01 hPa   /     0.1 mm depth
      range:         0 ... 1000 hPa  /   0 ... 10 m depth

b) maximum range:
      resolution:         0.05 hPa   /     0.5 mm depth
      range:         0 ... 5000 hPa  /   0 ... 50 m depth



LogBox - Series and Features

The high precision barometer LogBox hydroP works very energy-efficient. There are battery holders for 3 standard D-size batteries integrated into the casing. They provide enough energy to run a maintenance-free measurement for several months. For even longer unattended measurements there is an additional power connector to apply external 12-V power sources, like car batteries or AC-adaptors.

No tools are required for deployment or maintenance of the LogBox. Measured data are stored in a text file on a removable USB memory stick, which can be read on every computer.

An efficient and easy-to-use data processing software for fast visualization, averaging and printing of measured data is included in the scope of delivery.

Due to its very high accuracy and the selection of different sensor types, the LogBox hydroP is not only a good choice for applications where pressure or water level is in the focus of interest. More than that, it enables you to measure other physical properties and processes indirectly, like seismic events.


Anwendung Wasserstandsmessung

Water Level

   > long term monitoring
   > Determination of sustainable
      water discharge rates of wells
   > Detection of seismic events

Anwendung Wasserschuettung

Water Discharge

   > long term monitoring


LogBox hydroP

Technical Data

Sensors: Number: Air Pressure Sensor (integrated in instrument)
Air Temperature Sensor (integrated in instrument)
Water Temperature Sensor
Water Pressure Sensor    a) maximum resolution
                                   b) maximum range
Range: Temperatures:            0 ... 60 °C
Air Pressure:           700 ... 1150 hPa
Water Pressure:   a)     0 ... 1000 hPa   /   0 ... 10 m depth
                        b)     0 ... 5000 hPa   /   0 ... 50 m depth
Resolution: Temperatures:            0.02 °C
Air Pressure:              0.01 hPa
Water Pressure:   a)     0.01 hPa   /   0.1 mm depth
                        b)     0.05 hPa   /   0.5 mm depth
Sensor Size: 25 mm diameter, 500 mm length
Water Depth: a) pressure-proof to 10 m depth
b) pressure-proof to 50 m depth
Cable Length: up to 100 m

Data Logger: Interval: 30 Seconds ... 1 Hour
Data Memory: USB Memory Stick (4 GB, for about 80000 measurements)
Power Supply: Batteries (3 Standard D-Size, last approx. 1-3 months)
external 12-V-Battery / Car Battery / AC Adaptor
Casing: ( L x W x H ) 151 x 125 x 90 mm
Splash Water Proof (IP 65)

Optional: Remote Data Transfer: internal mobile communication module (GSM)
(requires external 12-V power supply)
and external USB receiver modem for connection to PC

Software: System Requirements: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Disk Space: 15 MB + 600 MB (.NET Framework)
Memory (RAM) min. 512 MB
Processor: min. 1 GHz
Interface: USB 2.0