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Laboratory and Field Investigation

GeoTec has more than 40 years of experience in theory and application of geophysical and thermal measurement technology. Our main objective in measuring is, that our results are based on a firm scientic foundation. We are more than measurement device operators - GeoTec is also busy in measurement device development and recent geophysical research. Thus, we always see the complete measurement environment and keep an eye on all potential error sources.

Field Investigation

Temperature Measurement
Pressure Measurement
Quality Control of
Borehole Cementation

> Monitoring of
   concrete penetration

Temperature Monitoring,
Temperature Profile

> depth dependent (borehole)
> location dependent
   (facility, waters)
> air temperature
> water temperature
> solid temperature
   (sensors molded)
> long term monitoring
> remote data transmission
> temperature resolution:
   up to 0.0003°C

Water Flow

> groundwater flow
> activity in aquifers
> depth dependent
> location dependent
> long term monitoring
> remote data transmission

Water Level

> long term monitoring
> monitoring of water discharge
   of (artesian) wells
> earthquake registration
> incl. measurement of
   air pressure, air and
   water temperature
> remote data transmission
> Druckauflösung:
   bis zu 0.04 hPa

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GeoTec field investigation: borehole cementation quality control


GeoTec field investigation: temperature monitoring and profiling


GeoTec field investigation: ground water flow monitoring


GeoTec field investigation: water level monitoring


Laboratory Investigation

Thermal Conductivity
Heat Capacity
Thermal Analysis
Thermal Conductivity and
Thermal Diffusivity
in Solid Material

> Range:     0.2 ... 20 W/(K m)
> under local conditions
> under elevated conditions:
    Pressure:        0.5 ... 60 MPa
    Temperature:    10 ... 200°C
> Solid material, sample size:
    min. 30 mm diameter and
    min.   5 mm height
> Unconsolid. Material, sample size:
    min. 100 mm diameter and
    min. 100 mm height

Specific Heat Capacity
of Solid Material

> Range:                 0.1 ... 10 J/(g K)
> Temperature:         10 ... 200°C
> Sample weight:     0.3 ... 0.5 g

Thermal Expansion
of Solid Material

> Temperature:     10 ... 1000°C
> Sample size, cylindrical:
     5 ... 10 mm diameter
    25 ... 50 mm length
> humidity dependent

Thermal Analysis

> Range:    
> Sample weight:

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GeoTec laboratory investigation: determination of thermal conductivity


GeoTec laboratory investigation: determination of heat capacity


GeoTec laboratory investigation: thermal expansion measurement


GeoTec laboratory investigation: differential thermal analysis