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The GeoTec LogBox - Series
Precision Measurement Instruments with Integrated Data Logger

The LogBox combines the concepts of high-precision laboratory instruments on the one side and robust, weatherproof field measurement devices on the other side. Temperature differences between day and night, moisture, mud and dust or electrical power failures - despite all disturbing influences, the LogBox measures several months maintenance-free and with extraordinary accuracy.

Every LogBox is a complete and fully operational measurement solution. It consists of a precise measurement device with sensors, timer, data logger, removable data storage media, energy supply and data visualization software for PC. Additionally, we offer an integrated data transmission module (GSM).

The LogBox was primarily designed for borehole monitoring. Thus, it allows application of very long sensor cables (up to 300 m). We customize every LogBox sensor cable in order to meet perfectly your individual measuring requirements. All sensors and cables are waterproof to the specified depth.

LogBox - Versions

GeoTec LogBox multiT - precision thermometer with data logger

Precision Thermometer
LogBox multiT

GeoTec LogBox microT - high precision thermometer with data logger

High Precision Thermometer
LogBox microT

GeoTec LogBox hydroP - precision barometer with data logger

Precision Barometer
LogBox hydroP

GeoTec LogBox ecoV - tree sap-flow meter with data logger

Tree Sapflow Monitor
LogBox ecoV

Do you need a measurand that is not listed here? No problem, the LogBox concept is highly customizable and can be equipped with diverse sensor types. GeoTec has more than 30 years of experience in developing custom measurement solutions - don't hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to assist you!

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LogBox - Features

LogBox Feature: robust design

Rugged Design

Closed casing - protects from sand, dust, mud and splashing water (Protection IP65).

Arrow left LogBox Feature: easy maintainability

Easy Maintainability

No tools, transfer cables or disassembly required for deploying the measurement system, changing the batteries or fetching the measured data.

Arrow left LogBox Feature: flexible data transfer via USB

Flexible Data Transfer

Measurement data is stored on a removable miniature USB memory stick that can be read on every computer. No tools, cables or disassembly required.

Arrow left LogBox Feature: long sensor cables supported

Long Sensor Cables Supported

Efficient data transmission technologies enable measurement in boreholes with several hundred meters in depth.

Arrow left LogBox Feature: flexible power supply

Flexible Power Supply

Device internal: 3x Standard D-Size Batteries
     or external: 12-V-Battery / Car Battery / AC adaptor.
The LogBox is easy to maintain - all over the world.

Arrow left LogBox Feature: flexible measurement interval

Flexible Measurement Interval

Free configurable measurement interval between 60 seconds and 1 hour.

Arrow left LogBox Feature: long term measurement

Long Term Measurement

4 GB data memory for more than 80.000 measurements.

Arrow left LogBox Feature: fast and easy data visualization

Fast and Easy Data Visualization

The included LogBox PC-Software is intuitively applicable and enables you to visualize, process, print and export your measured data with just a few clicks.

Arrow left LogBox Feature: remote data transmission

Optional: Remote Data Transmission

Internal GSM module sends data SMS via mobile phone network directly on your computer or notebook. Works everywhere where your mobile phone does. No internet connection required!

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